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Hello and welcome to my website.  It's a place for like-minded adults to see they're not alone in their passions for bondage and noose-play.

It is an art and fantasy site for adults.  No one is harmed.  The "hangings" in my photo and video albums are simulated.  Dangerous practices are not condoned, nor encouraged. 

Other than my bare feet, you will not find any nudity here.  If you're looking for that sort of thing, look elsewhere.  There is nothing pornographic, but the content is intended for adults.  By proceeding, you certify that you are of legal age to view the content.  Hangings are realistically portrayed.  Viewer discretion is advised.

If you find bondage and auto-erotic asphyxia offensive, go somewhere else.  If you are into this sort of thing, stick around.  Read my blog, check out my pictures and videos, add a message to my guestbook (don't worry, I won't contact you or spam you), and please feel free to comment.


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